Our Mission !!!

The ignited mind of the youth is the most powerful resource on the earth. The youth power, if properly directed and controlled, could bring about transformation in humanity for its progress.
- Dr A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

We Educaterer India though a very small effort in the world of vast happenings, just trying if we can plat even a small role in developing the society today, it may result into a big change tomorrow. In remote and rural areas, due lack of awareness about future opportunities, many talents get spoiled. We want to use this website as a tool to bring all possible opportunities of learning under one platform to make it an easy access for them

Though it is not possible to work for various areas at a time, we had chosen to work in the fields of education and career opportunities , which is the one stop solution for most of the problems. It is actually not one man's job to these things, we therefore, request you all to come together to bring a positive change in the society we are living in, for our today and for the tomorrow of next generation.

Contact mail : hr@educatererindia.com


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    Hospitality Notes

    Dear All,
    If you are looking for Notes on Hospitality or Management , our team is here to help you.

    All you need to do is to visit on our website, and follow the links under BHM Material Tab on top of this screen.

    You can reach us at : hr@educatererindia.com

    We Care for you

    Dear All,
    We Educaterer India always cares for blossoming potential candidate of the Industry. Contact Us if you have doubt/issue related to industry. We will try our level best to sort it out.
    Regards !!
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