Mr. B. P. Singh, Honorary Director

We the Educaterer India, is one of the leading Facilitator   in the field of education. Under the careful observation and  direction of our Hon’ble Director  MR. B.P. Singh , the team has shown bright colors in training the students and fulfilling the needs of the Society & Industry in terms of  providing basic education to clear minds & supplying well-trained man-power to Hospitality Industry. Moving forward, now the team has started compiling study material by gathering data from different sources to facilitate various topic to students on their single mouse click. Now, we had started working digital notes of UPSC, Banking, Digital Marketing, Soft Skills, Management  & various other topics . We are getting a growing traffic on our website and blog which itself is a testimony of  success of ever growing efforts.  Our  passionate team is working with full dedication towards overall development of the students.

Our prime motto is to compile and provide the best possible study material on important topics to the new learners at zero cost so that they can take benefit from it. In doing such thing for a noble cause, unknowingly if we hurting anyone in anyway, we apologized for the same and request the extended support from the community to improve the quality of our services.

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